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  • I’d like to thank the whole Tu Nido Tenerife team for their great work and help in buying a house on the Canary Islands. We had a pretty limited budget that’s why we were not that much sure that we’d afford buying an overseas house. But at Tu Nido Tenerife, they managed to offer us an option that perfectly suited our budget and other requirements. In fact, we still can’t really believe that we have a house in the Canaries!

    Date: 09.06.2019

  • I’d recommend Tu Nido Tenerife to all of those who are looking for a house to buy in the Canary Islands. These guys helped me with my purchase and everything went smooth and fast.

    They provide all possible real estate services, they guise you from selecting a house to finally getting a key to your new house. They manage every step of your purchase. I’d especially like to point how professionally and fast they did all paperwork. I’d never have done this without their help.

    I highly appreciate what they do and definitely recommend them.

    Date: 26.04.2019

  • With the help of Tu Nido Tenerife, I bought an apartment in Tenerife. I was kind of new to this place and didn’t know much about the local market. So, that’s the reason why I contacted this real estate agency.  They gave me some recommendations and offered suitable options so that I managed to choose an apartment in Las Americas without wasting much time. Besides, I didn’t face any problems as everything was handled via the agency.

    The Tu Nido Tenerife team did a great job and I’d recommend them if you are looking for an apartment in Tenerife.

    Date: 19.04.2019

  • When I came up with an idea to buy an apartment in the Canary Islands I didn’t know what to start with. I found Tu Nido Tenerife website and finally decided to contact them. And then, very soon I became an owner of a lovely apartment in Tenerife.

    The guys from the agency are extremely friendly and helpful, do everything very fast and professionally taking care of all your requests.

    I’d also want to add that I don’t speak Spanish at all and that wasn’t a problem as the Tu Nido Tenerife team handled everything. Thanks for the really great job!

    Date: 15.02.2019

  • We’d like to thank Tu Nido for their great job. They helped us buy the dream house at the seaside. We’re especially grateful for their attention to all our requests.

    We had a bit special requirements to a house. And the thing that we appreciate most is that the agents didn’t waste our time offering all possible options but offered only those that perfectly met our needs.

    As a result, we finally managed to buy our ideal house! Many thanks to Tu Nido Tenerife for their dedication to what they do!

    Date: 23.10.2018

  • With the help of Tu Nido Tenerife, our family bought a holiday apartment in Tenerife. And we can say for sure that their services worth the money.

    We were thinking of buying a holiday apartment quite for a long time but there always was something that stopped us from buying, like lack of time to view properties, tons of paperwork and etc. But when we contacted the Tu Nido agency, they took care of everything. They offered us the best options so that we coul easily choose the right one, arranged the viewing, took care of legal stuff and paperwork.

    So, if it hadn’t been Tu Nido, we would spend our holidays in hotels. And thanks to them we have our own apartment in the Canary Islands.

    Date: 11.08.2018

  • Tu Nido Tenerife deserves the best recommendations as they make the process of buying an overseas property as simple and fast as possible.

    Unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish (well, at least not yet), don’t really know much about real estate market in Spain or local property legislation, but I have already two apartments in Tenerife. The first one is for myself and the second – for renting. Both times, they did a great job, offered me perfect options, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

    Date: 17.07.2018

  • That was the first time when we bought an overseas property, an apartment in Tenerife. And we contacted Tu Nido to help us do that. Originally, we already had an option to buy, the guys from Tu Nido offered us a better option in Los Cristianos. That apartment was cheaper and perfectly fitted our budget. Without the agency, we could’ve found such a bargain.

    The agents supported us at every step – offered options to choose from, arranged a viewing tour, handled all the paperwork, they even provided a translator to discuss the deal with the seller.

    We deeply appreciate their help and professionalism!

    Date: 02.04.2018

  • I’d like to say that Tu Nido are real dedicated professionals. That was a pleasure to work with them.

    They helped me choose the most suitable option in Tenerife for investment. This is a quite unknown market for me that’s why I contacted the agency for recommendations. As a result, Tu Nido Tenerife helped me buy an apartment in Las Americas. Now I offer this apartment for rent and get a stable income.

    I really enjoyed working with the agency. I’m especially grateful for help with paperwork and translation. I’d recommend this agency if you are looking for a property to buy in Spain.

    Date: 26.03.2018

  • I’d like to thank Tu Nido for their assistance with buying a villa in Tenerife. They did everything really fast, were always ready to answer my questions. I can say for sure that they are a professional team.

    The most important thing for me was to make the deal as fast as possible without wasting my time. And Tu Nido helped me save my time by taking care of all legal and other stuff. Many thanks for such a great job!

    Date: 15.03.2018

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