Property study tour

We will help arrange your stay in Tenerife. Pick up a decent apartment, villa in Tenerife or hote. As well as reserve the tickets.

Regardless of what you want to start with - to spend a few days at the pool prior to the inspection of real estate or immediately begin the process - we'll arrange our meeting at the time that's best for you. Our representative will meet you wherever you are - at the airport, hotel or in our office.

To begin with, we'll arrange for you to check the area. The nature of the examination will depend on how well you know this area and what your requirements are. We'll show you local attractions, beaches, schools, golf courses, and everything that you need to know.

You see arond 4-5 houses a day and we'll make sure you make an informed decision that you choose a real estate matches your taste and budget.

After preliminary property examination, we can agree a re-visit of properties that meet your requirements or choose new sites for viewing the next morning.

Please be advised to plan your trip for a property in Tenerife for no less than three days. We'll be ready to give you as much time for the inspection as required, for the right decision.

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