Rent a Car

Rent a car in Tenerife and get these bonuses:
* when you rent a car with us, you get a 10% discount on tickets to all entertainment parks, excursions on Tenerife and other Canary Islands, as well as a 5% discount coupon on purchases in the pearl store "Tenerife Pearl";
* when you rent a villa in Tenerife with us, or rent an apartment / studio / townhouse, you get 20% discount on car rental in Tenerife;
* when you purchase a property in Tenerife through our company TuNido Property, then we will cover the cost of one week rental / accommodation, drive you to all offices related with the purchase, and - if you'd like - rent you a car for a 20% discount.

Simply call us at (+34) 922 75 38 16 to book your car and arrange car delivery to you.

You can also rent a car online.

Rent a Car Tenerife AlisCar

Rent a Car Tenerife AlisCar

We can also help you rent a Ferrari in Tenerife.

Rent a Ferrari in Tenerife
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